Server Solutions

Nigsun offers bespoke, innovative and secure deployment of server solution for the Industry by providing one window operations for Server selection, design and implementation from dual processors to complex HPC servers of Dell, Supermicro and Lenovo brands.

Nigsun InfoTech

System Design, Configuration and Installation

We offer tower servers, rack servers and blade servers as well as SAN solutions.

Hardware Selection

Fast and Scalable

We are partnered with Dell, Lenovo and Supermicro as a Solution Integration company and offer our customers the server solution that best fit their ICT enviornment.


Reliable and Secure

For high bandwidth demand networking and fast and reliable connecivity, we are partnered with Cisco, Mellnox and Meraki. Our networking solution incorporate route diversion and load balancing optional features for highly available applications.

Software Solutions

Software and security

We offer platform independent solution. We are partnered and work as solution provider for Vmware, Fortinet, Microsoft and Sophos.

IOT and AI

Distributed Resources

Our IoT development and consulting services we assist businesses capture sensor data, run it through AI algorithms, present insights to end-users in an intuitive way, and orchestrate connected devices.

Our solutions are designed for the Next-Generation of AI, New HGX-2 System with 16 Tesla V100 GPUs and NVSwitch leverages over 80,000 Cuda Cores to deliver unmatched performance for deep learning and compute workloads. The service is ideal for internet applicaiton providers, public sector organisations, telecom providers and enterprises. ...

Next generation hardware

Our solutions are based on Dell, Supermicro and Lenovo Servers

We offer blade infrastructure that bridges traditional and software-defined servers with unequal flexibility and agility. Our offering has disaggregated blocks of server and storage to create consumable resources on-demand. Shared power, cooling, networking, I/O and in-chassis management provides outstanding efficiencies.

  • 7U to 20U modular enclosure
  • 25Gb, 40Gb and 100Gb ethernet
  • Redundant IO Modules.

24/7/365 Support

Customer Service is what we are all about

All Nigsun customers have access to ticket and telephone-based support, unless they choose to take an unmanaged service. Customers have access to a named Account Manager who takes overall responsibility for the customer's commercial, technical and support relationship with Nigsun. Customers are assigned a support "pod" based on the type of solution they have with Nigsun. This ensures customers will always be supported by the same core team of support engineers who are technical experts in their particular solution. Enterprise and public sector customers also have access to a named Service Manager in addition to their Account Manager.

Online Management

Nigsun online management features

A fully managed environment lets you focus on your business. Access directly into your resources to manage assets and its performance. Flexibility to scale up or down.

  • Retrieve Analytical data for assessment
  • Amend or restart your instance
  • Access your resources online anywhere anytime.


NIGSUN hardware services offer Architecture design for a secure, fast and reliable delivery of intelligent applications that are revenue oriented and protects the contunuity of the business. ...